Kamari Clarke on Digital Evidence and Police Brutality, and the Case for Letting Anthropology Burn, and How International Criminal Law Helps Entrench Structural Inequality

Article and videos available through The Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies at the University of Toronto

Remembering Winnie Mandela

Carleton University global and international studies professor Kamari Clarke joins CTV News with her take on the life and legacy of Winnie Mandela.


TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Trying Times for the ICC

Kamari Clarke • Faculty of Public Affairs

A review on Africa and the International Criminal Court

FPA Voices JanFeb2018

Michael Asiffo interview Kamari Maxine Clarke

A reflection on Black History Month and education. VIBE 1055FM

Interview with Tina Palivos

Tina Palivos of Yale University, CT YU with expertise in Cultural Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Human Rights.

Trudeau Attends Francophonie Summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the Franophone summit in Madagascar to draw attention to a number of important human rights issues. Kamari Clarke, professor with Carleton University joined CTV News Channel to weigh in on the progress made on this trip. | Interview on CTV

Kony 2012′ and the Portrayal of African Conflict

2012. American Society of International Law Annual Meeting. Ben Ferencz Panel. Washington, D.C. March 30, 2012. | Offsite Link

Kamari M. Clarke on Cultural Citizenship in the Black Atlantic World

Cultural Anthropology Journal – September 16th, 2013

Legal Anthropology and International Law. An Interview with Kamari Clarke, Part 1

Part 2

The International Criminal Court and Legal Pluralism

2009. The MacMillan Report. Yale MacMillan Center of International and Area Studies.

Local and international human rights bodies

2009. Yale University Faith and Globalization Initiative Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

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