Early Warning Early Response

Early Warning Early Response In Nigeria today, frequent conflicts, disappearances and mass violence, especially in the Northern region of the country, have led to large-scale destruction of human life and the displacement of large populations as unarmed civilians are caught in the crossfire. Government efforts at various levels, ranging from the creation of legal and […]

Talking African Justice: Interrogating International Law

Home About Projects Early Warning Early Response in Nigeria Publications Courses Public Works Public Engagements Conferences, Workshops & Symposia​ Talking African Justice: Interrogating International Law Learn More “Talking African Justice is an on-line forum under the direction of Professor Kamari Clarke that provides an opportunity to feature key issues concerning international and regional justice in Africa […]

Radical Humanism Initiative

Radical Humanism Initiative​ This initiative is engaged in the development of a Radical Praxis in Contemporary Anthropology and is designed to explore and implement what a radically humanist anthropology could look like.  This initiative merged in response to Ryan Jobson’s 2019 year-in-review essay for American Anthropologist, “The Case for Letting Anthropology Burn”.  Through various collaborations has been committed […]

Visualizing Justice

Visualizing Justice Visualizing Justice is a project that seeks to make visible and accessible the social, political, and historical contexts in which racial injustice occurs. Through an innovative transdisciplinary approach that brings insights from law, anthropology, history and art, together with practices of film-making and visualisation, the project explores ways of depicting layers of injustice […]

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